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Save Valuable Time and Costs When You Book with PJS

No matter the size or scope of the trip, we can help you reach your destination safely and on-time, while you enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a concierge jet service. PJS only partners with operators holding the highest safety ratings.

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PJS Offers Private Aviation Solutions for Individuals, Couples and Groups of all Sizes

  • Access to premium, late-model aircraft in every category, from all-coach configured to VIP airliners.

  • Best-in-industry contingency management.

  • No requirement to place funds on account in order to participate.

  • Access to a customized online portal.

  • A dedicated 24-hour account team, including a personal, dedicated Flight Concierge.

  • Safety standards customized for each client –impeccable Safety standards from ARG/US Gold and Platinum operator partners to Wyvern verified aircraft.

PJS Provides The Capability To Deploy Flexibility When Needed

By avoiding the daily inconveniences of commercial travel, including long security lines, delays, cancelled flights, and lost baggage, our custom aviation solutions deliver the ability to hold in-flight conferences and find time to prepare for upcoming meetings without distractions or interruptions.

Travelers using PJS benefit from fewer overnight stays, fewer driving hours, and lower direct air transportation costs, coupled with increased efficiency and comfort.

PJS also provides a Flight Concierge for each trip to work directly with our clients’ travel department regarding reservations/manifest coordination, customized catering, corporate client branding, on-board entertainment, customs, immigration, and ground transfers, as well as vehicle ramp access for door-to-door service.


Unlike some competitors, Private Jet Services goes beyond FAA and legal requirements when sourcing aircraft for clients. A vetting process imposes rigorous criteria on every aircraft and pilot, with a team of veterans backing up information from the FAA, NTSB, FlightSafety, ICAO and EASA. 

PJS pre-vets all aircraft and crew before every engagement, providing peace of mind and contributing to a zero incident history. It’s all spearheaded by a Director of Safety and Innovation, a role that reflects an uncompromising focus for your safety. 

Only 10% of what’s available meets our safety standards, so our commitment to value doesn’t mean any unnecessary risks are taken with unsafe aircraft.

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